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\startframedtext ... \stopframedtext


The instances of \startframedtext ... \stopframedtext are used for wrapping frames, margins and/or backgrounds around longer blocks of text.


\startframedtext ... \stopframedtextLike \framed, but bigger.

Settings instance

\startFRAMEDTEXT[...][...=...,...] ... \stopFRAMEDTEXT
[...]left right middle none
...=...,...inherits from \setupframedtext

set a horizontal placement, like in \setupalign
left left-aligned box
right right-aligned box
middle horizontally centered box
none whatever the surrounding default is


While this is a very powerful way to add decorations to a bit of text, note that framedtexts do not break across pages. See \starttextbackground for a similar environment that will break across pages.


Example 1

  It was essential for Hasselt to have a bridge across the river Zwarte
  Water. The bishop of Utrecht gave Hasselt his consent in 1486.
  Other cities in the neighbourhood of Hasselt were afraid of the toll
  money to be paid when crossing this bridge so they prevented the
  This one is shifted to the right.


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