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[...,...=...,...] see \setupclipping
{...} text and/or image


\setupclipping[nx=, ny=] specifies that \clip should pretend that the picture is cut into nx by ny pieces. \clip[x=, y=] then displays the piece at row x and column y, counting from the top left.


% Tell ConTeXt where to find the windmill picture


This is a thumbnail of the windmill:


This is the bottom row:
    \clip[x=1, y=3]{\externalfigure[mill]} % <-- space between clips
    \clip[x=2, y=3]{\externalfigure[mill]}% <-- no space between clips
    \clip[x=3, y=3]{\externalfigure[mill]}

The leftmost square of the bottom row, shrunken and framed: \framed{
  \scale[sx=0.5,sy=0.5]{\clip[x=1, y=3]{\externalfigure[mill]}}

It's not just figures that can be clipped:
\scale[sx=3, sy=3]{\clip[x=1, y=3]{XYZ-ZYX-XYX-}}

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