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The command \defineconversion is used to define a representation of numbers for numbered elements like itemizations and headers.



Settings list



Predefined conversions (selection):
a \characters
A \Characters
AK \cap\characters
KA \cap\characters
n \numbers
N \Numbers
m \mediaeval
i \romannumerals
I \Romannumerals
r \romannumerals
R \Romannumerals
KR \cap\romannumerals
RK \cap\romannumerals
g \greeknumerals
G \Greeknumerals
o \oldstylenumerals
O \oldstylenumerals
or \oldstyleromannumerals


default depends, mostly “Arabic” numbers
n, N numbers “Arabic” numbers (difference?)
zero “Arabic” numbers, starting with 0
o Mediaeval numbers (oldstyle, \os)
a, A alphabetic Latin characters (lower/upper)
AK = KA Latin small caps
sloveniannumerals, slovenianNumerals Slovenian characters (Latin with č, lower/upper)
spanishnumerals, spanishNumerals Spanish characters (Latin with ñ, lower/upper)
russiannumerals, russianNumerals Russian characters (Cyrillic lower/upper)
i = r, I = R romannumerals Roman numbers (lower/upper)
RK = KR Roman numbers in small caps
or Roman numbers with continuous lines
g, G greeknumerals Greek characters (lower/upper)
mathgreek Greek lowercase characters from the math font
hebrewnumerals, yiddishnumerals Hebrew/Yiddish numbers
month, month:mnem Month names (full/abbreviated)
set 0 Symbol set for itemizations
set 1 ... set 3 Symbol sets for footnotes
empty, none
continued always “(continued)”
words, Words Numbers as words (lower/upper), so far only English

There are many more options, e.g. for Arabic, CJK and other languages/scripts; all the character conversions are language dependent.


Define new conversion set


Four are the things I'd been better without:
\startitemize[inventory, packed][stopper=, width=2em]
    \item Love,
    \item curiosity,
    \item freckles,
    \item and doubt.
\leftaligned{---Dorothy Parker, \quote{Inventory} (fragment)}

Change numbering in itemize to '(i)', '(ii)', ...


Three be the things I shall never attain:
\startitemize[bracketroman, packed][stopper=), width=2em]
    \item Envy,
    \item content, and
    \item sufficient champagne.
\leftaligned{---Dorothy Parker, \quote{Inventory} (fragment)}

Conversion set of stars

\defineconversion[starred][\m{*},\m{**},\m{***}] % Math mode gives better spacing, thus \m{...}

    \item First,
    \item second,
    \item third.

Conversion for numbers with leading zeros

interfaces.implement {
    name      = "FourDigits",
    public    = true,
    arguments = "string",
    actions   = function(s) context("%04d",tonumber(s)) end

\defineconversion [FourDigits] [\FourDigits]


\startchapter [title={Chapter}] \stopchapter

(By Wolfgang Schuster, 2023-01-01)


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