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Syntax (autogenerated)

...=...,...inherits from \setuplayout


[...] layout name
[...] parameters


Define a named layout.


If you need to use different layouts in some parts of the document, you can set up a global layout, and then define additional named layouts for the deviating parts. You only need to specify the dimensions that differ: unspecified dimensions will be inherited from the global layout.

To switch to a different layout, call it up in the appropriate place in the document. To revert back to the global layout, use \setuplayout[reset].

\setuplayout[...] % global layout
\definelayout[wide][...] % layout of the first page

\setuplayout[wide]  % switch to layout called 'wide'
\setuplayout[reset] % switch back to the global layout

To specify in advance that you want to change layouts starting from page 4 (e.g.), use \definelayout[4][...]. Resetting the layout must be done explicitly; else, the new layout will be used until the end of the document.

% different layout for first two pages

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