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Syntax (autogenerated)

generated by \definenote

generated by \definenote


{...} text


Insert a footnote mark, but no footnote. If the endnote is specified with a label, you can refer to it elsewhere using \note[label], and the extra reference will use the same mark as the original.

You need to use \placenotes[endnote] at the place where you want to have them.



The Hanse was a late medieval commercial alliance of towns in the
regions of the North and the Baltic Sea. The association was formed
for the furtherance and protection of the commerce of its
members.\endnote[war]{This was the source of jealousy and fear among
other towns that caused a number of wars.} In the Hanse period there
was a lively trade in all sorts of articles such as wood, wool,
metal, cloth, salt, wine and beer.\note[war] The prosperous trade
caused an enormous growth of welfare in the Hanseatic
towns.\endnote{Hasselt is one of these towns.}


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