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Syntax (autogenerated)




The command \jobname prints the basename (the name without the .tex extension) of the TeX file on which ConTeXt was invoked. E.g. in the simple case of mydocument.tex, \jobname will produce mydocument. If one is using products and components, then \jobname will resolve to the basename of whatever product (or component) the context or texexec command was invoked on.


With a single file:

Job name: \jobname

Multi-file example: a product and a component.

% myproduct.tex
    \component c_mycomponent


% mycomponent.tex
\startcomponent c_mycomponent % not required, but good for clarity

Compiling this with context myproduct.tex</context> means \jobname in mycompnent.tex resolves to myproduct. (Same with texexec, naturally.)

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