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The command \pagebreak (or it's more commonly used alias \page) is used for inserting a page break.


[...,...]empty header footer dummy frame number +number default reset disable yes no makeup blank preference bigpreference left right even odd quadruple last lastpage start stop xy name

empty insert a blank page (even without headers and footers)
header set header off temporarily
footer set footer off temporarily
dummy inserts one blank page
frame shows the page frame on the next following (empty) page
number jump to the page with this number
+number add this many page breaks (inserting blank pages)
default same as yes
reset reset the disable command
disable ignore the next \page command
yes force a new page
no when possible, avoid page break (This only works in vertical mode, so you might need to insert a paragraph break or \par before the \page command)
makeup force a new page, without filling the current page with whitespace
blank insert a blank page (no page numbers, but with headers and footers); (sometimes \page[yes, blank] is required?)
preference allow page break (i.e. when possible, force page break)
bigpreference allow page break (i.e. when possible, force page break), trying harder
left force a left page
right force a right page
even force an even page
odd force and odd page
quadruple force a quadruple page
last add last page(s), useful for arrangements
lastpage add last page
start enable pagebreak commands ?
stop disable pagebreak commands ?
xy add last page(s), useful for the XY fake arrangement
name a keyword defined with \definepagebreak


Insert a page break and possibly some extra empty pages.

The page-breaking behaviour of most structural commands is specified with the page keyword, which takes the same arguments.


Example 1

\setuppapersize[A10, landscape][A8, landscape]
\setuppagenumbering[alternative=singlesided, location={header,inright}]
\setuppaper[nx=2, ny=2]

Mary, Mary, Mary,

Had a, had a, had a,

lamb, lamb, lamb


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