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sectionnumber yes number no
alternative normal margin middle text paragraph
separator text
stopper text
align flushleft flushright normal broad
aligntitle yes float no
tolerance verystrict strict tolerant verytolerant stretch
indentnext yes no
command twoarguments
margin dimension
insidesection COMMAND


Note that this command has been reported non-working for some people.

This command sets up the default options for all headings (e.g., the stuff generated by \section, \subsection, etc.). The \setuphead command can be used to override these settings on a per-level basis (e.g., only for \section) and has some extra options as well.

aligntitle=float causes the title to appear next to floats. By default, a title will be moved down to appear below a float, it will not be "wrapped" around a float like normal text. Setting this option causes it to wrap like normal text.

The insidesection command is injected right after the after command of \setuphead. It can be used for example to insert a table of contents local to a chapter. insidesection only works with \startchapter, \startsection and company, not with \chapter, \section, and co.


Table of contents local to a chapter. (Result not shown here because the wiki's installation of ConTeXt is out-of-date.)



\startchapter [title=Foo]
  \startsection [title=Zapf]
    \input zapf
  \startsection [title=Knuth]
    \input knuth


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