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Syntax (autogenerated)

topnumber height

[...,...]on off reset auto small medium big number dimension



[...] reset small medium auto big on off
height number
depth number
line dimension
top number
bottom number


\setupinterlinespace sets up the distance between lines. can be used in three variants:

  • Without any keywords:
    The command sets the baselineskip to 2.8ex.
  • With a keyword:
    The following keywords are available:
    • reset
    • small
    • medium
    • big
    • on
    • off
  • Setting all the parameters involved in line positioning:\setupinterlinespace[...,...=...,...]
    • line: base interline spacing (baselineskip) (e.g. 3ex or 12pt)
    • height: size of strut as multiple of line (e.g. 0.72)
    • depth: size of strut as multiple of line (e.g. 0.28)
    • top: topskip (as multiple of line height)
    • bottom: maxdepth (as multiple of line height)
    • stretch: (glue) line stretching

Note that the lineheight as shown in \showlayout is calculated from the baselineskip. However, a baselineskip of 0 will result in a hardcoded value being used, so refrain from that. If you want the lineheight to never exceed the font size, use a very small value such as 1pt for line.

When setting up the interlinespace, the unit matters:

% interline space adapts itself to body font size

% set interlinespace to 12pt for every font size --- don't do this!

% set interlinespace for a particular body font size
% Useful if you think in terms of "nine-point type on eleven-point leading"

A final note: It seems that \setupinterlinespace[line=XX\baselineskip] interacts badly with \setuplayout while \setupinterlinespace[big] works fine.


Original baselineskip=\the\baselineskip

{   \definedfont[Serif at 12pt]
    The interlinespace does not change automatically when the font changes\crlf

{   \definedfont[Serif at 12pt]
    Invoking setupinterlinespace sets baselineskip to 2.8ex of current font\crlf

Example within \startnarrower...\stopnarrower

\setupinterlinespace[5] % this has no effect before \starttext

\input tufte % this is default, not 5
\input tufte % this is big

\input tufte % this is small

\input tufte % this is big again

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