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[...,...,...] [horizontal vertical stretch space verystrict strict tolerant verytolerant]


Set up how tolerant TeX should be of ‘ugly’ stretching of spaces. The more stretching you allow, the easier it is for TeX to choose a stretched-out underfull line instead of a margin-invading overfull line.

Use \setuptolerance[horizontal,...] for interword spacing and \setuptolerance[vertical,...] for column stretching. Don't try to combine these two.

The default orientation is horizontal, so the following two are equivalent:

% and

In horizontal orientation the keywords have the following effect:

stretch: make \emergencystretch equal to \bodyfontsize (i.e. 11pt), default is 0pt
space: \spaceskip .5em plus .25em minus .25em
verystrict: \tolerance 200
strict: \tolerance 1500
tolerant: \tolerance 3000
verytolerant: \tolerance 4500

In vertical orientation the keywords define a factor bottomtolerance which is only used(?) in columns. The factors are:

verystrict: 0
strict: 0.050
tolerant: 0.075
verytolerant: 0.100


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