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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startcomponent[...] ... \stopcomponent
[...]file *

\startcomponent ... ... \stopcomponent
... file *


\startcomponent ... ... \stopcomponent
... reporting name or *
... text


\startcomponent...\stopcomponent is the lowest level component in a project structure. It can contain all kind of commands and text. You can invoke project files (and the environment files the project file links to) with \project; you can invoke component-specific environment files with \environment; and other components with \component. Calls to \product do nothing.

You can type \startcomponent * to indicate that the component's reporting name is the same as the filename (without the extension).


% intro-issue1.tex
\startcomponent *
   \project projectname

   \chapter{Introduction to issue1}


Introduction to the issue1.

   \section{How to use this paper}

   \section{Reading further}

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