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\startsectionblockenvironment ... \stopsectionblockenvironment


The environment \startsectionblockenvironment ... \stopsectionblockenvironment allows values to be set that only apply within the named section block rather than globally.


\startsectionblockenvironment[...] ... \stopsectionblockenvironment

name The name of a section block, i.e. frontmatter, bodymatter, appendices, backmatter.


Setup commands that normally have a global effect can be limited to only apply to a named section block, thus allowing different settings in different blocks.


Chapter heading colored blue only in bodymatter

% Global settings for all chapters

% Different settings for chapter in the bodymatter block


\title{Table of contents}  % This toc header would also be blue if the \setuphead above were global

\input knuth
\input zapf


Suppress page numbering for ToC pages

See Table of Contents - Suppressing page numbering for the ToC pages for an example of how to stop page numbers from being shown on the table of contents page(s).


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