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Syntax (autogenerated)



name text


Specify different texts for different languages as a key-value list, where the keys are language codes. The value corresponding to the current document language (set with \language or \mainlanguage) will be printed. If the current document language is not present among the key-value pairs, the last value in the list will be used.


Writing business letters in different languages:

Depending on the language used you get the correct headers in the referencing part of the letter.

    \NC \tfx \translate[nl=Uw brief van,en=Your letter dated]
    \NC \tfx \translate[nl=Uw kenmerk,en=Your reference]
    \NC \tfx \translate[nl=Ons kenmerk,en=Our reference]
    \NC \tfx \translate[nl=Datum,en=Date] \NC\NR




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