Context 2004.11.23

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  • The XML interface files are moved into a new subdirectory:

and their syntax has changed considerably

  • There are new XML files that map internationalized strings to their english counterparts:

as well as new associated TeX input files for creating and processing these files:

 x-set-01.tex, x-set-02.tex, x-set-11.tex and x-set-12.tex
  • There are new files for vietnamese (esp. font encoding) support:,,, enco-t5.tex, enco-vna.tex

as well as changes to various other files:,, cont-sys.ori,cont-sys.rme, enco-ini.tex,hand-def.tex
  • A new file for dealing with directionality: supp-dir.tex
  • Two new XeTeX specific files: syst-xtx.tex and type-xtx.tex
  • A new file called symb-uni.tex containing named versions of Unicode Symbols (contributed by atl for xetex), and a new unic-030.tex unicode vector definition file
  • A new metapost input file containing extended (XML FO) frame style support, called
  • type-buy.dat adds support for monotype sabon, linotype industria, and itc stone
  • is now version 5.2.3, adding XeTeX extended dvi support (--xtx) and commandline-disabling of Web2c's paranoia settings (--notparanoid)
  • now has built-in FO file support (.fo filename extension), and it now uses the new XML keys-XX.xml files to generate the scite definitions.
  • ctxtools.rb now has a new action: --translateinterface
  • exa/logger.rb has an added definition for subroutine the silent
  • texmfstart.rb now can do exec() instead of system(), using a new switch: --execute
  • colo-pra.tex (Pragma ADE's logo color definitions) is now in english
  • context.tex: \contextversion{2004.11.23}, reads the new files syst-xtx.tex and supp-dir.tex
  • cont-fil.tex: file synonyms for int-load and int-make changed (bug fix)
  • cont-log.tex: new logo \XeTeX, and a synonym for it: \PDFETEX (why?)
  • cont-new.tex: adds definitions for \rescanXMLattributes, \parseXMLattributes, \setupTBLcell, and \dontleavehmode
  • core-con.tex: \defineconversionvector and \conversionnumber are added (for XeTeX)
  • core-ini.tex: \appendtoks \checkinlinedirection \to \everypar
  • core-not.tex: new key for \definenote: scope=(text|page), flagged experimental
  • core-ref.tex: various cleanups and speedups. most important change: \doexternaldocument now has three brace grouped arguments instead of bracketed arguments
  • core-reg.tex: \currentregister is now edef'ed (bugfix)
  • core-rul.tex: \framed has an extra hook "extras={text}" (experimental)
  • core-spa.tex: bugfix in \indenting, and adds support for automatic struts to \setupstruts
  • enco-def.tex: lots of new \definecharacter lines to provide 'simple' iso-latin support for the vietnamese 'accented' characters
  • enco-un.tex: likewise \definecharacters, but 'real' ones this time (Unicode block 0x1Exx)
  • font-ini.tex: support for font variant "Caps" is added
  • hand-ini.tex: generalized the handling handler macros, as well as new support for \noligs primitive (available in pdfxtex)
  • java-exa.tex: fix in url replacement.
  • lang-xxx.tex: documentation strings added
  • lang-vn.tex: fixed version with better strings
  • mult-con.tex: adds the constant "extras" and the variable "inherit"
  • mult-ini.tex, setupb.tex, setupe.tex: some changes related to the new interface definition file format
  • mult-sys.tex: support for font variant "Caps"
  • page-flt.tex: anglicised
  • page-lay.tex: \setuppapersize expands its arguments now. (bugfix)
  • page-mar.tex: internal changes related to strut handling
  • s-mod-00.tex: internal changes to \ShowLanguageValues
  • spec-xtx.tex: lots of improvements
  • type-akb.tex: credits to Patrick Gundlach
  • type-buy.tex: adds support for monotype sabon, linotype industria, and itc stone
  • type-enc.tex: vietnamese support
  • type-ini.tex: adds support for \usetypescriptfile[reset], and loads type-xtx.tex under XeTeX
  • unic-XXX.tex: extensions and bug fixes in the unicode vectors [0,1,2,32,33], and a new supported vector (and file for): 30.
  • x-fe.tex: new FO extension: fe:trace
  • x-fo.tex: lots of improvements, aesp. to the table and list support.
  • x-foxet.tex: tries to load module "fp" (where available)
  • xtag-ini.tex: bugfixes. most importantly: the saved (grouped) XML environment macros are now \long, so they accept \pars in saved arguments.