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Context 2006.12.27


  • Fix use of prime and underscore in math displays

Context 2006.12.20


  • Another \quotation patch, should be ok now
  • A few redefined accents in unicode encoding
  • empty lines in pdf font resources are now ignored
  • Two-line TABLE tables had spacing problems
  • Make \placeformula $$ .. $$ work again


  • xmltools has a new switch: --filter. That filters elements given using --element= from an XML file

Context 2006.12.17


  • some of the regime files used the wrong internal name


test \startitemize[joinedup]                \item test \item test \stopitemize test \par
test \startitemize[joinedup,nowhite]        \item test \item test \stopitemize test \par
test \startitemize[joinedup,nowhite,before] \item test \item test \stopitemize test \par
test \startitemize[joinedup,nowhite,after]  \item test \item test \stopitemize test \par

Context 2006.12.12


  • line breaking around quotations
  • make some macros unexpandable

Context 2006.12.11

Hopefully, this release fixes some active punctuation issues.

Context 2006.12.07


  • The word following after an inline quotation did not break the line properly
  • Regime cleanup


  • A set of colon-related math operators
  • Pictex is now included in the distribution
  • Linotype LinoLetter font support
  • Unexpandable active characters

Context 2006.11.29


  • Four modules by Peter Münster added to
  • textools can now generate encoding files from afm files

Context 2006.11.27


  • Bugfix for itemize
  • Bugfix for active punctuation in MP images
  • textbar added to texnansi encoding
  • \XeTeXuseglyphmetrics added


  • small mml extension (<times symbol='dot/>)

Context 2006.11.23

  • Fix for metafun/textext
  • Extended align support for \columns

Context 2006.11.22

  • Fixes for Korean, contributed by Dohyun Kim

Context 2006.11.21

A few small bugfixes:

  • always use mpost --progname=metafun
  • allow single-argument \definehead

Context 2006.11.20


  • a new style, for the practical tex journal (by Aditya)
  • the style for the maps is updated (by Taco)

And a few small bugfixes

Context 2006.11.17

  • encoding and map files reorganized
  • \frac and friends are no longer expanded in \writes
  • improved support for TeX Gyre fonts

Context 2006.11.16

This was the first version that separates between a 'mark ii' and 'mark iv' version. Only the 'mark ii' version is in the zip, but as a result of the reorganization, the amount of changes according to 'diff' was enormous. I am not going to try to summarize all of that. Taco 11:56, 20 November 2006 (CET)

The number of new features is not that large, most noticeable collapsed registers and more caption placements (will be documented in details.tex/pdf). Of course bugs reported on the list have been resolved. Hans

Context 2006.08.08

New features:

  • The first release of the cow font
  • Support for strikethrough text using metapost
  • Macros can register temporary files that are automatically cleaned up
  • A few small math extensions:
    • matrix option style=\textstyle|\displaystyle so that each entry is in that style
    • matrix option location=low|lohi|high for the baseline placement of the matrix
    • Math macro \intertext added
  • Sorting of alphabetic commalists (\sortalphacommacommand) is now possible
  • Included metapost figures start out using black instead of the text color now, and \MPcolor{currentcolor} can be used for selecting the current text color outside figure
  • Page ranges in registers can optionally be compressed using \setupregister[compress=yes]
  • The bib module automatically runs bibtex now
  • SciTE on Windows now uses ComSpec instead of calling cmd.exe directly
  • a new system mode (*marking) is true when in the expansion of a marks text


  • A bugfix in defined (named) buffer handling
  • Some french messages fixed
  • Some fixes for character alignment errors in natural tables
  • In grid mode, \displaywidowpenalty and \brokenpenalty are now set to zero
  • Figure numbers in captions fixed (separator, stopper, suffix)
  • LucidaNewMath-Demi (bold) font fixed

Context 2006.08.04

New features:

  • \framed (and -text) now support an [indenting=] key
  • support for russian hyphenation
  • new version of the bib module
  • \[lL]commaaccent character definitions


  • column alignment in natural tables
  • image inclusion:
    • bounding box discovery using rli files fixed
    • fix for Aleph in global TRT documents
    • some still-needed definitions from former supp-pdf re-instated
  • disappearing subtextblocks
  • unicode table 002 fix
  • some identation problems removed

Context 2006.07.28

Another bugfix release that fixes a number of small problems

Context 2006.07.24

A bugfix release that fixes a number of small problems

Context 2006.07.14

Bug fix:

  • New version of the bib module that fixes a big bug in \cite[num]

Context 2006.07.13

New features:

  • The use \sometxt in MetaPost figures (instead of \textext) can remove the need for indirect texexec runs, resulting in a massive speed improvement for heavy documents.
  • The new script pdftools; this script will replace mptopdf and pdfcrop in due time
  • Table splitting is reimplemented and improved
  • Initial support for the new TeXGyre font families
  • New release of the bib module, with better support for interaction and per-chapter bibliographies
  • Some small extensions to \framed
  • The database module now supports ASCII (non-TeX) data files with CSV quoting
  • \setupformulae accepts a conversion parameter now
  • more built in math support (matrices etc)
  • A prerelease of the koeieletters font

Bugs fixed:

  • allow escaped percent signs in inline metapost labels
  • texexec --mpgraphic reinstated
  • bugfix in paperformat handling for the option file
  • Register sorting now handles TeX's special characters (better)
  • automatically chmod +x the unix stubs after ctxtools --update
  • fix a problem with combined numbers like 1.5 in right-to-left text
  • fixes to euler math support
  • fixes for active punctuation

Context 2006.06.09

Bug fixes:

  • Mostly minor changes in the Ruby scripts

Context 2006.06.07

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on June 7, 2006.

New features:

  • A new module for R integration
  • switch to an improved, context-only mptopdf converter

Bugs fixed:

  • improvements to register/synonym sorting
  • bugfix in \processcommalist
  • message strings converted to utf-8

Context 2006.05.28

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 28, 2006.

New features:

  • \startitemize[random]
  • better czech sorting

Bugs fixed:

  • duplicate stoppers after numbers
  • texexec --pages failure

Context 2006.05.23

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 23, 2006.

New features:

  • enable new texutil sorting of czech

Context 2006.05.18

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 18, 2006.

New features:

  • support for openmath typesetting (via conversion to MathML)
  • modules can have test sections

Bugs fixed:

  • text encodings in display math are now supported
  • ctxtools creates cleaner xml now

Context 2006.05.17

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 17, 2006.

Bugs fixed:

  • cleanup of xetex backend handling

Context 2006.05.16

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 16, 2006.

New features:

  • A truetype conversion of LMtypewriter10-Regular is added, for use in editors on Xfree systems
  • New conversions: 'month' (local name) and 'month:mnem' (local 3-letter abbreviation)

Context 2006.05.14

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 14, 2006.

New features:

  • two new presentation styles are included

Bug fixes:

  • various file-related fixes in the ruby scripts
  • minor bugfixes

Context 2006.05.11

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 11, 2006.


  • don't attempt to be smart about kpathsea on Mac OS X.

Context 2006.05.10

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 10, 2006.

New features:

  • support for 'list of formulas'
\placelist[formula][criterium=text] \blank[2*big]
\placenamedformula[one]{first}  \startformula a = 1 \stopformula \endgraf
\placeformula                   \startformula a = 2 \stopformula \endgraf
\placenamedformula     {second} \startformula a = 3 \stopformula \endgraf


  • fix german hyphenation
  • some xetex bugfixes and workarounds

Context 2006.05.08 Context 2006.05.08b

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on May 8 and 9, 2006.

New features:

  • Support for XeTeX/Linux added
  • Syntax definition files for VIm added to the distribution
  • The switch to default ruby scripts, finally
  • (batch|shell) stubs are supplied for starting the tools through texmfstart
  • New keys: \setuphead[...][stopper=] and \setupcaptions[stopper=]
  • "Selectors" allow alternative information to be simultaneously available:
     {\select{caption}{zapf}{\input zapf \relax}}{}
  • auto-detection of Utf-8 BOM marks
  • pattern files are now supplied in Utf-8 encoding


  • \enableXML is now unexpandable
  • fix for disappearing footnotes in description terms
  • nicer formatting of generated metapost files
  • a number of others ...

Context 2006.04.27

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on April 27, 2006.

New features:

  • 3 new modules included in
    • t-construction-plan
    • t-degrade
    • t-french
  • a new module to help typesetting ascii (CSV) data
  • leftpage and rightpage floats
  • openmath XSL scripts added to the distribution


  • removed the debug-box around math alignments

Context 2006.04.22 Context 2006.04.23 Context 2006.04.24

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on April 22 and 24, 2006.

New features:

  • Pretty typing of C code (nikolai weibull)
  • various small improvements to the ruby scripts
  • small natural table extensions
  • support the latin ligatures of unicode table FB.


  • two bugs in itemizations
  • some formula number placement
  • local and non-spacing footnotes
  • textbackground problem next to pagebreaks
  • and more ...

Context 2006.04.12

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on April 12, 2006.

New features:

  • float combinations
  • \symbol{whatever} is now also allowed
  • The Context version is now given in the PDF Creator field
  • predefined TABLE rows and cell setups.


  • 8-bit hyphenation was broken in 2006.04.10
  • New bib module
  • Some other fixes

Context 2006.04.10

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on April 11, 2006.

New features:

  • no more preloading of all regimes
  • support for a separate beta tree for ConTeXt testers


  • regime files have the correct names now
  • Some other fixes


Context 2006.04.07 Context 2006.04.06

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on April 6 and Arpril 7, 2006. The second upload fixes an omission in the original upload.

New features:

  • The latest version of the bib module is included
  • updated to the latest version of t-lettrine, now also contains f-urwgothic
  • support for ancient greek
  • a regime definition for windows codepage 1250
  • extended unicode vectors 032 and 033
  • improvements to register sorting together with newtexutil
  • textools now helps create module packages
  • colors can inherit from palette colors
  • support for buffer nesting
  • modules can now be loaded with arguments
  • new math environments: \startintertext and \startsubstack
  • linenumbering improved
  • marginfloat improvements
  • gravitation/levitation of floats


  • textext() now works together with newtexexec.
  • overlong metapost lines are automatically split now
  • formula referencing
  • active french punctuation
  • accents in metapost picture labels
  • spaces in urls
  • better subsentence handling
  • better roundtripping of 8bit characters

Context 2006.03.25

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on March 25, 2006.


  • (still somewhat experimental) support for synchronised page streams
  • new sidebar implementation


  • another small fix in verbatim (caused by 2006.03.22)

Context 2006.03.24

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on March 24, 2006.

Context 2006.03.23

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on March 23, 2006.


  • small fix in verbatim (caused by 2006.03.22)

Context 2006.03.22

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on March 22, 2006.


  • small fixes to the new mathml handler
  • some efficiency improvements to the verbatim macros

Context 2006.03.20

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on March 20, 2006.

New features:

  • Thanks to changes in the ruby kpathsea library implementation, texmfstart-driven scripts should be a bit faster.
  • Sidefloats next to section titles are now possible
  • A few extra options for \startlinenumbering
  • New options for \useexternalfigure: xscale and yscale


  • A set of smaller and bigger bugs in the two-column routines
  • the mptopdf macros were broken outside of context proper (mptopdf, latex)
  • some smaller things

Context 2006.02.15

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on February 15, 2006.

New features:

  • newtexexec has a new switch --keep, that uses .keep as extension for temporary files
  • texmfstart has a new switch --showenv, that dumps the runtime environment.
  • There is now some support for intelligent spaces after logos, use
  • Trailing empty lines in verbatims can be typeset using
  • demo code is added to many presentation styles

Interesting bugfixes:

  • \startitemize[start=2]
  • unintentionally numbered math displays
  • strechted-out math in short figure captions. This fix may change linebreaking in other center-ed paragraphs
  • wrong extra space after \quote and \quotation
  • \type{\iffalse} (and other if... tests)

Context 2006.02.03

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on February 3, 2006.

New features:

  • if you use a recent pdftex, pdf documents now open in the 'correct' page fit mode in Acroread > 5.0.
  • With \setupdelimitedtext[quotation][method=font], you can use inherent kernings for quotation symbols in high-quality fonts

Context 2006.02.01 Context 2006.02.02 Context 2006.02.02b

This version of ConTeXt was last uploaded on February 2, 2006.

This release has very few actual changes, but features a cleanup of the zip files that are distributed:

New features:

  • newtexexec now defaults to Hans' ruby port of the kpathsea library instead of using the kpsewhich command


  • \eqalign fixed (yes, again)
  • fix for (page) floats in columnsets mode

Context 2006.01.31 Context 2006.01.28 Context 2006.01.27

This version of ConTeXt was last uploaded on January 31, 2006.

New and extended features:

  • editor support files for the french interface
  • support for xpdf instead of acroread in texexec (--autopdf --xpdf)
  • A whole set of new math commands:
  \startformulas ... \stopformulas
  \startmathalignment ... \stopmathalignment
  \startalign ... \stopalign 
  \startmathcases ... \stopmatchcases
  \startcases ... \stopcases
  \startmathmatrix ... \stopmathmatrix
  \startmatrix ... \stopmatrix
  \startbmatrix ... \stopbmatrix
  • A new parameter to control automatic struts in table mode


  • loads of bugfixes. The Jan 28 and Jan 31 are mostly bugfixes for Jan 27, though

Context 2006.01.16

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on January 19, 2006.

New features:

  • Support for japanese
  • \setuphead now has two new parameters: deeptextcommand and deepnumbercommand (handy for low-level manipulation)
  • improved support for Iwona


  • mptopdf now behaves correctly on cygwin
  • Some other (minor) stuff

Context 2006.01.12

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on January 12, 2006.

New features:

  • ConTeXt now does a runtime vs. format version check. If they do not match, the run is aborted.
  • The ConTeXt version now includes a time stamp ("2006.01.12 10:38")


  • Corrected definitions for the vietnamese postscript fonts
  • Encoding fixes (mostly for EC encoding)
  • small changes to the gnuplot module

Context 2006.01.09

This version of ConTeXt was uploaded on January 9, 2006.

New features:

  • A completely new interface (cont-fr), based on french translations provided by Renaud Aubin. This can be generated using
 texexec --make fr
  • A support module for GNUplot graphics:
  plot sin(x)
  • french and spanish punctuation discretionaries added (like |?|)
  • mptopdf now supports multiple arguments on the command line.
  • File synonym (== long names) support has been added to all the internal file loaders. This is in preparation of actual synonyms that will be added in a future release.
  • typefaces can now be inherited from other typescripts, using one of these command:
\inherittypeface[palatino][rm] % == \fontclass
\inherittypeface[palatino] % == [rm,ss,tt,mm]


  • The predefined postscript font families should work out-of-the-box now (using psnfss metrics).
  • newtexexec has reverted back to the old names for the PDF postprocessing (--pdfXXXX) switches
  • Chinese labels and encoding fixes
  • A number of minor bugfixes (as discussed on the ml), see the full rundown for details