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Context 2007.12.31

This release fixes:

  • A bug in ppchtex when used with (pdf)etex
  • A bug in mptopdf when used in latex
  • The loading of multiple cidmap-needing opentype fonts in mkiv
  • register sorting in mkiv
  • the use of attributed boxes
  • and some smaller stuff

And adds:

  • support for petex (japanese ptex+etex)
  • a text cleanup hook in the xml handling
  • entity tracing in xml

Context 2007.12.18

This release simply fixes a few bugs in Context 2007.12.17

Context 2007.12.17

Many small optimizations, especially in the MkIV font code and the table processing

Context 2007.12.07

This release only has a bit of speed gain at building XeTeX formats.

Context 2007.12.06

This release simply fixes a few bugs in Context 2007.12.05

Context 2007.12.05

This release is mostly to sync MkIV with the new luatex beta 0.20.0:

  • line numbering is reimplemented to make use of the ability to process node lists, making it much more robust
  • lots of lua code speedups, partially make possible by the new beta
  • language support is reimplemented in lua and now uses dynamic loading of patterns/exceptions at runtime
  • the lua xml interface is expanded some more

but there are some other (both MkII and MkIV) items as well:

  • Captions now support \setupcaptions[number=none]
  • It is now possible to control the alignment of the itemization symbol
  • \startblockquote ... \stopblockquote can be used if you don't want explicit quote markers
  • Better support for the use of PK bitmap fonts in metapost graphics
  • Previosuly, there was a problem with the use of LatinModern for math in unusual bodyfont sizes
  • lots of smaller bugs fixed

Context 2007.09.28

  • A rewritten XML parser for mkiv
  • XML path expressions for mkiv
  • Fixed and improved support for XeTeX fonts
  • The file extension and method for included files is now always lowercased
  • other small bugfixes

Context 2007.09.10

  • MathML and CALS tables for mkiv
  • mkiv font handling improvements
  • bugfixes

Context 2007.08.20

  • Fix some font issues in mkiv
  • Some smaller common bugfixes

Context 2007.08.09

  • Another set of bugfixes for Mark IV

Context 2007.08.08

  • A set of bugfixes for Mark IV

Context 2007.08.07

  • The Mark IV release
  • a few small bugfixes

Context 2007.07.25

  • improved support for math over- ander underarrows
  • a few small bugfixes

Context 2007.07.24

  • infrastructure preparations for MkIV
  • support for 'reverse' in itemizes
  • various math fixes and extensions, including an improved \startsubstack
  • support for ending symbols and optional titles in description environments
  • fixed XeTeX font support (hopefully)
  • for various other small bugfixes and small extensions, see the detailed page

Context 2007.04.17

  • mptopdf and texexec (once again) support the handling of LaTeX files
  • allow blocking of installed programs for texutil
  • fix the handling of external graphics in xetex
  • various low-level fixes and extensiosn for multicolumn handling
  • bugfix for disappearing footnotes
  • support for TeX-Gyre Hermes
  • for various other small bugfixes, see the detailed page

Context 2007.03.22

  • ctxtools --updatecontext now supports a --proxy switch
  • and a few small bugfixes

Context 2007.03.19

  • Aditya's 'mathsets' modules in included in
  • The use of \setuphead[][numberwidth=...]
  • Named font styles can now also be 'sans' or 'sansbold'
  • The old marvosym metric file is included, fixing the 'MarvoSym' symbols and '\texteuro' bugs
  • Quoting of font files is changed so that hopefully XeTeX bare fontfiles are OK now.
  • For some other small changes, see the details page

Context 2007.02.21


  • Handling of figure paths extended (cache support)
  • Corrected truetype font file for lmtypewriter10-regular (for use in X11)

Context 2007.02.20


  • Quite a few (mostly very small) fixes

Context 2007.01.23


  • A problem with spurious lines in metapost figures is removed
  • Creating XeTeX formats was broken in 2007.01.18


  • Gnuplot module (m-gnuplot.tex) removed from the core distro. This file is superceded by the third-party module

Context 2007.01.18


  • corrected XeTeX commandline


  • The vim module is now included in
  • Switch to latin modern math fonts. If this gives you trouble, you have to update your latin modern font package, see CTAN

Context 2007.01.12


  • the error code returns for texmfstart were reversed


  • Complete switch to pdftex 1.40. pdftex 1.30 is no longer supported!

Context 2007.01.10


  • texmstart, texexec and texsync support return codes now

Context 2007.01.09


  • math display error
  • unicode map file loading error in non-pdftex 1.40


  • support for TeXGyreSchola fonts
  • --draft option for texexec (needs pdftex 1.40)
  • --passon added to texexec
  • extend the adobe euro font mapfile so it can be used by dvips

Context 2007.01.02


  • re-enable norwegian hyphenation patterns
  • footnote referencing fix


  • Use the low-level support for ToUnicode mapping in pdftex 1.40, if possible