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Context 2008.10.31

New features:

  • A Persian interface (format)
  • The whole multilingual subsystem is rewritten and is now generated from a single lua database table. Note: external modules that define or set system constants and system variables will need updating.
  • New versions of the greek, vim and bib modules
  • More files have been split into mkii+mkiv parts
  • The old, dvipdfm style font mapfiles have been removed because newer versions of (x)dvipdfmx support the pdftex-style map format
  • mkiv now has support for 'special' features like knockout vs overprint and spot colors via attributes

Bugs fixed:

  • lots of smaller bugs fixed, especially in the MPlib handling in mkiv, but many more small ones

Context 2008.08.05

New feature:

  • mtx-fonts now supports displaying feature information for OTF fonts

Bugs fixed:

  • a number of files were accidentally missing from the Context 2008.08.04 release
  • Hyphenation patterns for bokmal and nynorsk were broken in Context 2008.08.04
  • \Word now works ok in MKIV

Context 2008.08.04

New features:

  • MKIV now works best with luatex 0.29.0
  • Integrated support for 'arabic' languages and number conversions
  • New hyphenation patterns from the tex-hyphen project, including support for the new languages Nynorsk (nn), Bulgarian (bg), Basque (eu), and Ukranian (il). The identifiers of Czech (cz -> cs), UK English (uk -> gb) and US English (en -> us) have changed.
  • New third-party modules in Account, Greek, and Letter
  • new mtxrun scipts: grep, mptopdf, patterns
  • New included module: calcmath (MKIV only)
  • Typescripts for Herman Zapf's fonts in OTF format are now provided
  • the mtxrun script 'context' is extended to be more like 'texexec'
  • the mtxrun script 'convert' now supports a requested quality switch
  • the mtxrun script 'server' is extended to support 'cgi' lua

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix nasty font warnings in XeTeX
  • Lots of small bugs. Please follow the link to the details page.

Context 2008.05.21

  • MKIV now has support for running without any environment variables set (still experimental, details are discussed on the dev-context mailing list)
  • Some of the internals of MathML support in MKIV have been reworked
  • A few small bugfixes

Context 2008.05.13

This has:

  • small bugfixes for 2008.05.09
  • some corrections to the german interface messages

Context 2008.05.09

  • A set of bugfixes relating to metapost labels in mkiv
  • A rewritten MathML parser for mkiv
  • Some math operator extensions for mkiv
  • Other bugfixes

Context 2008.04.18

Small update to 2008.04.16:

  • a few more bugfixes
  • a bit of internal cleanup

Context 2008.04.16

Small update to 2008.04.15:

  • mtxrun.lua now supports freebsd
  • 2008.04.15 introduced a stray character in m-chemic removed
  • the new MkIV font name resolver had an error
  • a few more dummies for mplib in MkIV
  • a fix for paragraph-shaped text in mplib (MkIV)
  • a fix for disappearing colors in mplib (MkIV)

Context 2008.04.15

This release fixes a small set of bugs in MkIV:

  • some mplib conversion errors (part of those need a new, to-be-released luatex) and a few dummy macros
  • figures in subpaths were not found
  • see the separate page for more details

And a few small extras for MkIV:

  • zwn and zwnj support
  • Environment variable MTX_FONTS_AUTOLOAD='yes' can be used to force automatic font database reloading on 'font not found' errors
  • A parser that reads fontconfig's fonts.conf added (if it can be found)
  • Better xml statistics reporting

As well as some internal changes:

  • a bunch of counter implementations changed from macros to primitives. if you have styles that redefine core macros, they could be broken by this
  • the experimental reserved object numbers patch from 2008.04.10 is reverted, didn't work out.

Context 2008.04.10

One big news item:

  • MkIV now uses the embedded MPlib in the latest luatex release. No more external MP calls, resulting in a massive speedup (needs at least luatex 0.25.1)

Also a bunch of bugfixes from the mailing list, and some small speedups

Context 2008.03.24

Fixes some more bugs in 2008.03.10

Context 2008.03.11

Fixes a few bugs in 2008.03.10

Context 2008.03.10

This is a feature release. Main news:

  • Image inclusion in mkiv now uses lua
  • Better support for zips and zipped xml files
  • And lots of bugfixes

Context 2008.01.28

  • some small extensions to opentype support
  • fix a glitch in luatools that broke format generation in the 'official' luatex beta
  • brings locating of processed files in mkiv in line with mkii

Context 2008.01.26

  • bugfixes in contextual lookups and kerning handling in opentype (mkiv)
  • many macros that used \to for delimited arguments reimplemented without the need for \to
  • new command \setupmathematics, for global math setup

Context 2008.01.16

  • New feature compose=yes will add missing composed chars as virtual glyphs
  • Some math bugfixes in mkiv
  • A few corrections to font synonyms

Context 2008.01.11

This release fixes:

  • handling of truetype disguised as opentype and vice versa

This release adds:

  • a prelude to math definitions for mkiv
  • a cache=no option for \setupfloats, i.e. direct flushing
  • support for new lm naming scheme + fallback