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Hraban, what is that profile.local thingy? --Taco

Sometimes you must set some paths for TeX/ConTeXt; in former installations on Linux I needed to set TEXMFCNF --Hraban 22:50, 24 Aug 2004 (CEST)

restructuring this page

I think this page should get a completely new structure. We should have instructions on

  1. firsts time installation
  2. updating ConTeXt.

Both items should be subdivided to describe different distributions, not necessary platforms. So installation of TeXlive is the same on Linux and OS X, MikTeX has only Windows installation etc. What about vtex (no ConTeXt support as far as I know) and xetex (somebody is working on it)

And for updating ConTeXt: it is important to show the user how to update ConTeXt in a seperate path, so he doesn't mess up his (her?) distribution if anything goes wrong.

And finally, we should (as already done) show what files needs some editing (cont-sys.tex, texexec.ini...)

What do you think?

pg 17:38, 10 Sep 2004 (CEST)


It might also be helpfull to tell people what zip's to unpack where. Me for example had problems, apparently because of a missing folder texmf-fonts... What I did is to download:

unzip the first three in /home/user which creates a folder tex made a chmod 755 tex/texmf-linux/bin/* and unpacked in the tex folder which creates texmf-local.

With a new context-distribution updates can be done by ctxtools