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I find this page a bit confusing for newcomers. My suggestion would be to have an introductory section that will explain just the fundamental things:

1. ConTeXt produces pdf-output by default--ideal for presentations.

2. How to set up papersize and layout to obtain a presentation.

3. How to obtain a background for every page.

4. How to embed pictures.

Everything else (preformated modules, steps, javascript) should come after this introduction since it would only confuse new users. Any takers? I'm tempted to edit the page to that effect unless its original creator objects.

--Thomas 20:04, 17 October 2005 (CEST)

Go ahead! You never need to ask if you may edit or not - that's exactly the reason why wiki is there. If you do something really weired or inconvenient, someone will notice that and (re)move it. The page was written around the time when rsteps module came out in order to explain some more unusual stuff. I totally agree that there should be some more general introduction there. --Mojca

Oh no, you had already begun editing while I was busy getting my stuff ready, and I just overwrote your changes. Sorry, if I deleted anything important, just put it back and delete my edits. Thomas 22:10, 23 October 2005 (CEST)