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Fixed Bugs

  • Remove the bug of numbers >10 [1]
  • Fix the \starttyping bug [2]
  • Write \OnSteps macro to accept input like \OnSteps[1-3,5,7-9,13-last]. A part of it is (thanks to Taco!) already here, now only a dash still has to be implemented properly. On the basis of this, FromStep,AfterStep,UntilStep can be rewritten to use the \OnSteps mechanism. Well it would be much better to omit them, but I don't know how much care has to be taken for the "backward compatibility", it's no harm if they are left there.

and the rest of code on Inside_ConTeXt#Processing_lists_of_values

  • I don't like the \StartSteps[SubjectName] definition - it doesn't offer enough flexibility. Numbering can be controlled through \setuphead.
  • I tried to number the formulas once. I probably did that wrong, but I remember that it was not numbered properly
  • \completecontent has to list each chapter/section/title/subject/... only once
  • Fancy (tunable) page numbering (look at the comments in the demo)