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Excuse me, "SerifBook"? Do you get that to work? Also, I'm inclined not to use \defaultencoding but rather [ec,8r,texnansi,t2a,t2b,t5] (etc.) and \typescriptthree to illustrate the flexibility. Should I replace or show it as another step? --Adam

  • "Book": sorry, was a mistake (my fontscript writing script takes the PostScript font variant name).
  • Encodings: I think we should show both (I think \defaultencoding is better readable/understandable)

--Hraban 00:15, 14 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Okay, sounds good to me. --Adam

"A typescript must live in your project folder to be found, even if I'd prefer (texmf)/fonts/typescripts..." Hmmm, is that true? I have dozens of typescripts in ~/texmf/tex/context/, and they are all found without a problem. I also wonder whether it would be worth to have something about a very basic approach to typescripts. What I mean is: as a first step to use a font, all you need is a typescript defining roman/italic/bold/bolditalic/(small caps/oldstyle numerals). My approach has been to have these typescripts around for my fonts and to have an identical structure for every font, so I can just change the font in my documents without having to use my brain. We had many new users asking about typescripts these past weeks, so I wonder if this would be worth demonstrating? --Thomas

good point. I made a minor change. --Adam