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TeXUtil is normally called automatically by TeXExec.

Its main purpose is to convert the 'TexUtil Input' (.tui) file ConTeXt generates during a TeX run into the 'TexUtil Output' (.tuo) file that is read at the beginning of the next TeX run. This conversion is the underlying machinery that enables you to use a contents, lists of things (\placelist), registers \placeregister, as well as forward cross-referencing.

TeXUtil can do some other things as well. The most interesting possibility for stand-alone usage is the ability to delete temporary files after a run, using --purge or --purgeall. The latter also deletes the files generated by TeXUtil itself, like the .tuo file.

 TeXUtil 9.0.0 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 1992-2004

          --references   process auxiliary file / tui->tuo
                       --ij : sort IJ as Y
                       --high : convert high ASCII values
                       --quotes : convert quotes characters
                       --tcxpath : tcx filter path

         --purge(all)    clean up temporary context files

           --documents   generate documentation file / tex->ted
             --sources   generate source only file / tex->tes
              --setups   filter ConTeXt definitions / tex->texutil.tus
           --templates   filter TeXEdit templates / tex->tud
               --infos   filter TeXEdit helpinfo / tex->tud

             --figures   generate eps figure list / *->texutil.tuf
                       --epspage : prepare for pdf
                       --epstopdf : convert to pdf

             --logfile   filter logfile / log->/dev/null
                       --box : check overful boxes
                       --criterium : overfull criterium in pt
                       --unknown : check unknown ...