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A ThisWay is yet another attempt on documenting ConTeXt. They are also called magazines. The following magazines are available:

  • 0. Introduction : for what is ThisWay, how to write a MyWay
  1. Hiding parts of section titles
  2. Page Ranges : multi-page references
  3. Pasting digits together : formatting numbers
  4. Manipulating the foreground : combining PDF pages
  5. Mixed Normal and Bold Math : see also Bold Math
  6. A Few Dangerous Features : text effects, overprint/knockout colors
  7. Faking Text and More : how to make fake text of black or colored boxes
  8. Dealing with XML : typesetting XML documents using XSLT without TeX code
  9. Using Platform Fonts : Installing True Type fonts (Verdana used as an example)
  10. Good Looking Shapes : typesetting in shapes
  11. Project Structure : Project Structure, July 2011
  12. . Annotated Verbatim
  13. . Cross document referencing

BTW: ThisWay are official Pragma documentation; if you write one yourself, call it MyWay!