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Hi all,

I want to produce totally Persian (right-to-left) documents with few English keywords with ConTeXt. Unfortunately most of Persian-speaking guys use XePersian which is based on XeLateX, so I did not find any good starting sample for typesetting such multilingual texts. I Googled for such a sample, and I found few simple ones; showing that Persian is also possible but not complete samples with title page, table of contents, list of figures, etc. Now I am looking for a preferably Persian/Arabic/Hebrew sample to start to learn ConTeXt from that sample. Other non-English but right-to left languages are also admired.

Mr. Mahdi Omidali ([1]) has a minimal sample which is not working with TeXLive2014 and is in no way a complete sample. I also had few email with Prof. Idris Hamid, and after that I was encouraged to use ConTeXt. But from that time I had almost no progress.

Any help and hint is cordially appreciated.

All the best, Ebrahim