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TODO: This is sort of a stub article which I sketched out to remind myself what I wanted to write later. If anyone else wants to work on it, feel free! (See: To-Do List)


Much as with Document Titles, the standard LaTeX article and report classes define an abstract environment to typeset an abstract in a way that distinguishes it from the rest of the text. In a single-column article, it is set somewhat narrower than the main text, with the word "Abstract" centered above it.

    This is the abstract of the paper.

ConTeXt: A simple solution

The simplest way of producing an abstract in a ConTeXt document is to specify the formatting directly. The following version is a close approximation of the version produced by the \abstract command in LaTeX's startard article class.

% Again, this is filler from the Document Titles page.

    {\tfd How to do this in Context}
    {\tfa The author}
    {\tfa July 26, 2005}

Then, the actual text of the document starts here.  We'll put in enough text to
fill out the line and start to make a paragraph.

TODO: Find the code in LaTeX's classes.dtx for setting abstracts, translate into ConTeXt, and put in the above example. (See: To-Do List)

ConTeXt: A more reusable solution

TODO: Write this whole section, along the lines of the parallel section in Document Titles. (See: To-Do List)