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== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated)] ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated) ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==

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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...,...]inherits from \currentdate


d number
m number
y number


Display a date. First optional argument specifies the date using the day (d), month (m) and year (y). If omitted the current date is assumed.

The second optional argument specifies the output format. Available fields are:

day, day:ord [preferred] or day:+ (to get st, nd, rd, th, depends on language), month, year, weekday, dd, dd:ord/dd:+, mm, yy, jj, d, d:ord/d:+, m, y, j, referral.

You can also insert delimiters between the fields (e.g. commas, spaces, see examples).


\date \par
\date[d=25,m=4,y=2008] \par 
\date[d=25,m=4,y=2008][dd,--,mm,--,yy] \par
\date[d=25,m=4,y=2008][weekday,month,day,{,~},year] \par

To get a short month use \monthshort (lowercase, 25 apr 2008) or \MONTHSHORT (uppercase, 25 APR 2008) as follows:

\date[d=25,m=4,y=2008][day,~,{\monthshort\normalmonth},~,year] \par

It is possible to redefine the \monthshort form to have a starting capital (e.g. 25 Apr 2008). Put the following in your environment file:

\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!january  :\s!mnem=Jan]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!february :\s!mnem=Feb]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!march    :\s!mnem=Mar]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!april    :\s!mnem=Apr]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!may      :\s!mnem=May]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!june     :\s!mnem=Jun]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!july     :\s!mnem=Jul]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!august   :\s!mnem=Aug]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!september:\s!mnem=Sep]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!october  :\s!mnem=Oct]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!november :\s!mnem=Nov]
\setuplabeltext [\s!en] [\v!december :\s!mnem=Dec]

To change the formatting of the date in a global fashion the command \setuplanguage is used. A change to ISO 8601 for instance can be achieved as follows:

\setuplanguage [en] [date={year, –, mm, –, dd}]

For non english the setuplanguage command should be followed or preceded by setting a mainlanguage or it will not show up.

\setuplanguage [nl] [date={dd, –, mm, –, year}]
\mainlanguage [nl]

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