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Syntax (autogenerated)

...=...,...inherits from \setupMPinstance


[...] name
[...] name for inheritance (optional)
[...] see \setupMPinstance


This command sets up a custom MetaPost style with particular features that can be selected using the first argument. The instance metafun is the default one and does not need to be created. Custom styles can inherit from the metafun instance, or not.

The MetaPost instance to use is specified as follows:

Predefined Instances

\defineMPinstance [metafun]  [format=metafun, extensions=yes, initializations=yes]
\defineMPinstance [metapost] [format=mpost]


  [metafun] % needs to be inherited from the global metafun instance



% normal black text
  draw textext("some text") ;

% red text
  draw textext("some text") ;

% red bold text
  draw textext("some text") ;

% a graphic that uses a custom instance
% This does not work with the current stable version
  draw textext("some text") ;




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