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[...] IDENTIFIER (typescript identifier)
[...] TEXT (existing font set)
[...] TEXT (Unicode ranges)
rscale NUMBER
force yes no
check yes no


This command allows to define fallback fonts for certain glyphs which are not found in the main font. The command takes four arguments where the last one is optional.

The implementation is located in font-col.mkvi and font-col.lua.


In the example we load the moustache brackets from XITS Math because they are not available in Latin Modern Math, which is the default math font. Of course, the technique also works for text fonts.

\definefontfallback [xits-fallback] [file:xits-math.otf] [023B0,023B1]

\definefontsynonym [MathRoman] [modern] [fallbacks=xits-fallback]


$\lmoustache a \rmoustache$


(The example does not work on the Wiki due to the lack of the XITS font.)

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