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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...]horizontal vertical


[name] text
[direction] horizontal vertical
[offsets] dimension, dimension, dimension, ...


Define a list of offsets for use by \setuppageshift. If the number of pages in the document exceeds the number of offsets in the list, the offsets will be recycled — for example, the first offset in a list of four will be applied to pages 1, 5, 9, et cetera.


\setuppapersize[A5][A4, landscape]
\setuparranging[2*2*4]  % 2 sides * 2 pages per side * 4 sheets
    [0.25mm,  % page 1, sheet 1 recto
    -0.25mm,  % page 2, sheet 1 verso
     0.15mm,  % p3, s2r
    -0.15mm,  % p4, s2v
     0.05mm,  % p5
    -0.05mm,  % p6
     0mm,     % p7
     0mm,     % p8
     0mm,     % p9
     0mm,     % p10
     0.05mm,  % p11
    -0.05mm,  % p12
     0.15mm,  % p13
    -0.15mm,  % p14
     0.25mm,  % p15
    -0.25mm]  % p16
\definepageshift[Vert][vertical][-1cm, 0cm] % move every odd page 1 cm down
\setuppageshift[paper][Hor][Vert]           % use the list we just defined

See also

  • \setuparranging because pageshifting is usually combined with printing multiple pages per sheet
  • \setuppageshift to use the pageshift defined with this command

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