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== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated) ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==

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Syntax (autogenerated)


... text


The next paragraph is an item of type enumeration. The enumeration type is previously defined and set up using \defineenumeration and \setupenumerations. Enumerations have a wide variety of uses; remarks, questions and answers, and theorems are probably the most common ones. When an enumeration is defined, sub- and subsubenumerations are automatically available.


% Define enumerated intermezzos
\defineenumeration[intermz][text=Intermezzo, location=left]


This is the first paragraph. It is part of the intermezzo. It is a reasonably longish paragraph.

This is the second paragraph. It is not part of the intermezzo.

This is a sub-intermezzo.


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