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Syntax (autogenerated)



\placenamedfloat[float type][pattern]
float type figure, graphic, table, intermezzo, or something else defined by \definefloat
pattern text


If a float is placed (with \placefloat) location argument somewhere:name, it is not placed immediately. Instead, it may be manually placed elsewhere with \placenamedfloat.


This example declares four figures to be placed elsewhere: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. The first \placenamedfloat call places all figures with l in their name (i.e. alpha and delta; the next two calls place gamma and beta, respectively.


test \placefigure[somewhere:alpha][whatever]{alpha}{}
test \placefigure[somewhere:beta] [whatever]{beta}{}
test \placefigure[somewhere:gamma][whatever]{gamma}{}
test \placefigure[somewhere:delta][whatever]{delta}{}
test \placefigure{}{}

in \in{figure}[whatever] bla bla




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