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== See also ==
== See also ==
* {{cmd|setuphead}}
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* {{src|strc-sec.mkiv#l299}}
== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==
== Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum ==

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\savebuffer[buffer names][filename]
[buffer names] a comma-separated list of buffers you want to save.
[filename] e.g. XX results in the buffer being saved to the file jobname-XX.tmp
list list of buffer names
file filename to save to
prefix yes no whether to add the jobname- prefix to the filename


When part of the job myjob.tex, \savebuffer[buffer][suffix] saves a list of buffers to myjob-suffix.tmp. Each new buffer, including the first, is preceded by a newline. You can suppress the jobname prefix if you use the key-value variantTemplate:since.


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See also

Help from ConTeXt-Mailinglist/Forum

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