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Syntax (autogenerated)]


{...} font feature name


This command is deprecated! see Featuresets

\setff{myfontfeatureset} changes the set of font features to a set previously defined with \definefontfeature[myfontfeatureset]{...}. The set remains active until the end of the current scope.


\definefontfeature[smallcapitals] [smcp=yes]



% kerning is active by default
% but not in the smallcapitals set, so \setff turns it off
{VA abc \setff{smallcapitals} VA abc}

% kerning is active by default
% \addff adds the features in the smallcapitals set; kerning remains on
{VA abc \addff{smallcapitals} VA abc}

{12345 \setff{oldstylenumber} 12345}

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