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== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated)] ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">

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Syntax (autogenerated)]


[...] see \setupbodyfont
[...,...=...,...] see \setupbodyfont




\em defaults to slanted, this makes \em=\it

The command takes also other arguments such as the ones in the following example:





\setuphead[chapter]   [style=\bflargesized]
\setuphead[section]   [style=\bfmediumsized]

\chapter   {Whatever $x-1$}
\section   {Whatever $x-1$}
\subsection{Whatever $x-1$}

\input ward
Whatever $x-1$

{\itmediumsized This is italic medium sized. $\cos(x) = {\rm Re}(\exp({\rm i}x))$}


{\rmmediumsized This is roman medium sized. \crlf
$\cos(x) = {\rm Re}(\exp({\rm i}x))$}


This means that once various sizes have been set, they can be applied to various styles such as

 \rm, \it, \bf 

by just stating for instance

\rmsmallsized, \itsmallsized, \bfsmallsized 

See also

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