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Syntax (autogenerated)


\setupcombination[name defined with \definecombination][...,...=...,...]
before command to be executed before each item-caption pair
nx number of columns in the combination (default: 2)
ny number of rows in the combination (default: as many as needed)
inbetween command to be executed between each item and its caption
after command to be executed after each item-caption pair
distance dimension
height dimension fit
width dimension fit
location top middle bottom left right
align no left right middle normal
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small command
color name
text interpret every second item in the combination as a caption
label interpret every item as a figure; labels are automatically added.
yes If alternative=label, label numbers (i.e. subfigure numbers) do not reset at the start of each combination
no If alternative=label, label numbers reset at the start of each new combination


Set up the behaviour of \startcombination or \startcombination[mycombination]. These parameters may also be used ad-hoc in the options parameter of \startcombination.


  • Suppressing both the horizontal and vertical gap between cells:
  • a 10mm horizontal and vertical gap between cells:

The distance between the content and its caption entry is set with the 'inbetween' parameter.

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