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== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
=== [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] (autogenerated) ==
= [[Help:Reference|Syntax]] ==
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">
<table cellspacing="4" cellpadding="2" class="cmd">

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= Syntax (autogenerated)

interlinespacesmall medium big number
widthfit broad dimension
stylestyle command

Syntax =

width fit broad dimension : the width between the left margin and the start of the first rule. The field name is printed in this space.
distance dimension : distance between the end of the field name and the start of the first rule
before command : is placed before the rules object
after command : is placed after the rules.
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
n number : number of lines to draw, including the shorter first one
interlinespace small medium big
separator text : separates the field name and start of the first rule


Specify default settings for \fillinrules, which draws lines that an answer can be filled in on.


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