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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...]page paper


\setuppageshift[paper][horizontal shiftlist][vertical shiftlist]
[...] paper print none
[...] A shiftlist defined with \definepageshift[name][horizontal][...]
[...] A shiftlist defined with \definepageshift[name][vertical][...]


For use with \setuparranging, which arranges pages on the sheets of paper they will be printed on. If the sheets are to be folded around each other, it may be necessary to offset some of the pages to account for the fact that while the innermost sheets can be folded sharply, the outermost sheets need an extra half-millimeter or so because they have to fold around the inner sheets.

One can then use \definepageshift and \setuppageshift to specify by how much to offset each page on the sheet; see the example.

Example usage syntax

Taken from page-imp.mkiv

\definepageshift[test][vertical]  [10pt,20pt,30pt,40pt,50pt]

\setuppageshift[paper][test][test] % arrange only
\setuppageshift[paper][test]       % arrange only

Example for 16-page signatures

\setuppapersize[A5][A4, landscape]
\setuparranging[2*2*4]     % 2 sides * 2 pages per side * 4 sheets
    [0.25mm,  % page 1, sheet 1 recto
    -0.25mm,  % page 2, sheet 1 verso
     0.15mm,  % p3, s2r
    -0.15mm,  % p4, s2v
     0.05mm,  % p5
    -0.05mm,  % p6
     0mm,     % p7
     0mm,     % p8
     0mm,     % p9
     0mm,     % p10
     0.05mm,  % p11
    -0.05mm,  % p12
     0.15mm,  % p13
    -0.15mm,  % p14
     0.25mm,  % p15
    -0.25mm]  % p16
\setuppageshift[paper][Hor]  % use the list we just defined

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