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[...] file typing name
space on off
page yes no
option slanted normal commands color none
text yes no
icommand command
vcommand command
ccommand command
before command
after command
margin dimension standard yes no
evenmargin dimension
oddmargin dimension
blank dimension small medium big standard halfline line
escape character
space on off
tab number yes no
page yes no
indentnext yes no
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
color name
palet name
lines yes no hyphenated
empty yes all no
numbering line file no


Changes options for displaying verbatim text. When called with a single argument, this command changes the options for the default typing environment as created with \starttyping. When the optional argument is given, it identifies a specific typing environment (as created with \definetyping).

\setuptyping can be used multiple times to change options and options will stay in effect until the end of file.

Note that \setuptyping also affects the display of the \typefile command.




See also

\typefile, \starttyping, \definetyping