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<!-- one or more of these:-->
<!-- one or more of these:-->
<cd:commandref name="showinjector"></cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="setinjector"></cd:commandref>
<cd:wikipage  page="xx"></cd:wikipage>
<cd:wikipage  page="xx"></cd:wikipage>

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The command \showinjector is used for showing the number of the entry to lists.



name list, register


At the end of the development of a document it can happen, dat a pagebreak does occur in an unwanted moment or one needs to insert whitespace at a specific point in the typeset list. In order to know the number of the entry one can issue \showinjector and compile the document. The result will be, that for each entry in the list the respective number of the entry will be printed in the left margin.



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