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== See also ==
== See also ==
* {{cmd|setupcombinations}}
* {{cmd|placefloat}}
* {{cmd|placefloat}}
* {{cmd|defineparagraphs}} for non-floating side-by-side.
* {{cmd|defineparagraphs}} for non-floating side-by-side.

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\startcombination[r*c] ... \stopcombination
[r*c] rows * columns


A combination is a number of objects arranged in a matrix, with a caption below each object. (The captions may be empty.)


\setupexternalfigures[location={local, default}]
    [here]                                       % figure placement
    [fig:combinations]                           % figure reference
    {An example of \type{\startcombination...}.} % figure caption
    {\startcombination[3*2]                      % contents of the figure: a combination
        % first row
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {a}   % subfigure and subcaption
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {b}
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {c} 
        % second row
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {d}
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {e} 
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]} {f}

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