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Syntax (autogenerated)

[...]right dimension


{...} text


On an otherwise left-alined line, place some text at the very right, and end the paragraph.

First, the paragraph is line-broken normally. The last line consists of two parts: call the 'normal' bit the left part, and the \wordright{...} bit the wordright text.

The left part is placed flush left, even if the paragraph is middle-aligned or right-aligned. The wordright text is placed on the same line, but flush against the right. If there isn't enough space left on the line, the left part will still be aligned flush left, but the wordright text will be placed on the next line. \wordright ends the paragraph; any text that follows it will start a new paragraph.




    Normal justified text, bla bla bla, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. 
    No one loves pain for its own sake... \wordright{...right?} New paragraph.

    Centered. \crlf
    Left. \wordright{Right.}

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