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Current state of binaries in minimals

(Not yet online.)

program windows linux linux-64 mac-intel mac-ppc latest TL
metapost latest (A/M) latest (M) latest(M) latest (M) latest (M) 1.00x 0.993
pdfTeX latest (A/M) latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) TL 1.40.5 1.40.2
XeTeX latest (A/M) TL latest (M) latest (M) latest (M) 0.997 0.996
xdvipdfmx latest (A/M) TL latest (M) latest (M) TL
luatex semi-latest (A/M) (Universal binary)

A = automatic, M = manual

splitting binaries

files.lst :

# common

i can then use that (will make a script) that will install what is needed

mtxrun --script install --engine=xetex --platform=macosx-intel

and such (is we make luatex 'common' we have a scripting machinery)