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* texshow.pl: does not use --format="other text files" for the kpsewhich call any more
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* ctxtools.rb: minor change
* colo-ini.tex: low-level dutch command removed
* context.tex: \contextversion{2005.01.31}
* cont-new.tex: new \writestatus,\dohandlemathtoken, \dosetupitemgroupconstant definitions removed
* core-con.tex: expandable etex version of \doconvertcharacter added
* core-itm.tex: minor change
* core-job.tex: filename sanitizations added
* core-lst.tex: bugfix in 'xxxxcolor=' option handling
* core-spa.tex: bugfix in \wordright
* enco-cyr.tex: many \definecharacters (default encoding) dropped
* enco-def.tex: switch some stuff to \unknownchar (was \missingglyph)
* enco-def.tex: greek, cyrillic and hebrew \definecharacters added
* enco-grk.tex: many \definecharacters (default encoding) dropped
* enco-grk.tex: renamed character names from \GreekXXX to \greekXXX
* enco-heb.tex: new file hebrew
* enco-ini.tex: \regimetoks, \mappingtoks usage changes, eTeX speedup
* enco-ini.tex: encoding 'cyr' support
* enco-mis.tex: \missinglyph removed
* enco-uc.tex: hebrew added, cyrillic and vietnamese debugged
* enco-vna.tex: comments removed
* java-ini.tex: default to stand-alone preambles, function support added (probably?), speedups
* lang-grk.tex: changes because of character renaming
* math-ini.tex: smarter \dohandlemathtoken
* page-ini.tex: minor speedup
* regi-cyr.tex: switch some stuff to \unknownchar (was \missingglyph)
* regi-grk.tex: changes because of character renaming
* regi-win.tex: switch some stuff to \unknownchar (was \missingglyph)
* supp-fil.tex: speedups/bugfixes (?)
* supp-mps.tex: speedups/bugfixes (?)
* syst-ext.tex: \beginTEX guard added
* syst-gen.tex: expandable (eTeX) \writestatus
* syst-new.tex: eTeX specific speedup
* type-exa.tex: encoding 't2a' support
* type-map.tex: t2a,t2b,t2c latin modern added
* type-siz.tex: indentation changes
* unic-003.tex: new vector file (greek)
* unic-004.tex: new vector file (cyrillic)
* unic-005.tex: new vector file (hebrew)
* unic-032.tex: comments changed
* unic-exp.tex: support for the new vectors 3,4 and 5
* unic-ini.tex: eTeX cleanup, hex character entity bugfix
* xtag-ext.tex: new definifion: \geraseXMLelement
* t-bib.tex: bugfix
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