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Since the 2005.11.09 release was a bit of a problem child, I have made this page a merge of Context 2005.11.09 and Context 2005.11.11.orig. This contains the news compared to the previous stable release that was dated October 27, 2005.

Changes since 2005.10.27

Removed files

The information file context.rme

  • doc/context/general/allkind/context.rme

IIUC, it was removed following a request from the distribution maintainers, but it was outdated and increasingly incorrect anyway.

The big fallback map file

  • fonts/map/pdftex/context/

It should not be needed anymore. If you run into trouble, ypu can load a encoding-specific base map instead, like

New files

Latin Modern Maps

A set of map files for Latin Modern, added by request of the tetex/TeX-Live maintainers:

  • fonts/map/dvips/context/
  • fonts/map/dvips/context/
  • fonts/map/dvips/context/
  • fonts/map/dvips/context/
  • fonts/map/dvips/context/
  • fonts/map/dvips/context/

Waldi Symbol font files

Two support files contributed by Henning Hraban Ramm.

  • fonts/map/pdftex/context/
  • symb-was.tex

Please read the symb-was.tex file for usage help and the actual symbol names.



  • A preliminary bugfix in add_special_signal from Taco Hoekwater; externalfigures sometimes went missing. (Note from TH: This fix is not 100% reliable, but it will do for a while)

Perl scripts

  • exchange the order of some pdfetex arguments (to counter a change in the latest web2c compiled executables)

  • new commandline switches --paper (alias for --paperformat) and --offset (alias for --paperoffset)

Ruby scripts


  • bugfix in filter code (wrong variable was used)


  • fixed a typo from 2005.10.27


  • bugfixes in index processing code


  • version 1.7.0
  • add a predefinition for runtools
  • file search reporting improved a bit

Macro files


  • context version is now 2005.11.11
  • new macro: \fmtname


  • a hook for the \type fix in core-ver.tex
  • bugfixes and a patch from Vit Zyka allowing the setting of intercolumn whitespace (columndistance, leftmargindistance, rightmargindistance).


  • bugfixes, code cleanup, converted to low-level english


  • a hook for the \type fix in core-ver.tex


  • fix to allow the use of \type in some weird places (like natural table cells) while still supporting colorization.


  • bugfix for EC encoded text accents in math mode.


  • documentation typo fixed


  • use of \fmtname added (test added for use in eplain)


  • three new macros are added to help processing in the m-bib beta: \robustdoifinsetelse, \robustaddtocommalist, \robustpretocommalist


  • New macro named \expandparameters, that can be used as a prefix to \getparameters, and thereby allows additions to be made to the current value of a parameter. The new macro \currentvalue behaves as a placeholder for this current value. The 'expand the current parameter values' internal state only applies to the following use of \getparameters, it will be automatically reset. Usage:
 \expandparameters \getparameters[taco][name=\currentvalue\space hoekwater] 


  • extra space in \doverbatimnobreak (bugfix)