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Using fonts with TeX was once a Jedi fight, before (2013 / 2015 ?) and LuaTeX development.

Nowadays, Fonts are a piece of cake

You will find here the preliminary steps before actually playing with the fonts in your input file. At the end, with one or two commands, you will make your document enable to use any fonts of available on your computer.

The actual use of fonts within your document are details in Font_Switching:

  • how to define font size,
  • how to use alternative styles like regular / bold / italic / small caps
  • how to switch between serif, sans serif, monospaced, or to another fonts with \switchtobodyfont
  • how to underline, strike...

Advanced stuff

  • Deep dive into typescripts
    • What is and how far can be extended and vocabulary (fontname, fontfamily,styles)
      • a font
      • a fontfamily
      • a typeface
      • a typescript
      • a typescriptcollection
    • How to work with fonts with
      • different weights (light, extra-light, dark, extra-bold)
      • different widths (condensed, expanded)
      • different style (inline, shadowed, outline)
    • the source browser for type-imp- files.
    • Alegreya Typescript: a quite complete example (2019), MkIV for the Alegreya fonts by Huerta Tipográfica / Juan Pablo del Peral, downloadable from Google Fonts.
    • Summary of experiences of three Fraktur (2019)
    • Typescripts_examples (Cf Thomas Hala)
    • What is a typescriptcollection