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Cocktails - How To Make A Rum Fix Cocktail


There are different ways in making cocktails, it's up on you what kind of cocktail you would like to make. This article will tell you non how to make a Rum Fix cocktail. Just like any other cocktail a Run Fix cocktail has an ingredients needed to complete it, there is also a step to be followed to get the best taste of it. You will enjoy this recipe for a Rum Fix cocktail. A thirst quenching rum based drink with a splash of lemon taste. Lemon is one of the important ingredients in making a cocktail it adds some looks to your cocktail and also adds flavor on it.


In making it a rum fix cocktails of course first thing to do is to prepare the ingredients like caster sugar, water, lemon juice, dark opr light rum, maraschino cherry, a lemon slice and one of the most important ingredients the ice cubes. Be sure to complete your ingredients before making it to make a good taste in your cocktail. Now, first step to do is measure and add the sugar, water and lemon juice in the glass. Then, stir contents well with a stirrer or spoon. Add ice cubes to the glass, Measure and add the rum and stir ingredients together again and garnish your drink with a wedge of lemon and the cherry.