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Since April 2019, there is a new implementation of ConTeXt, named ConTeXt LMTX. It is tuned for LuaMetaTeX, the lean and mean successor of LuaTeX TeX engine (see article).


You can read the licence (Creative Commons GNU GPL for program code, and Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike for documentation).


  1. Create a download directory (e.g., downloads/context)
  2. Download the relevant archive for your platform into the download directory (see above)
  3. Unpack the archive, some files will appear
    • UNIX/MAC: unzip
  4. Execute the install program, which will take care of downloading the distribution:
    • WINDOWS: install.bat
    • UNIX/MAC: sh
  5. Add ConTeXt to your system PATH:
    • WINDOWS:
      • run setpath.bat
    • UNIX: use the PATH instructions provided at the end of with:
      • Bash shell echo 'export PATH=...thepathinstructions...:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
      • Zsh shell echo 'export PATH=...thepathinstructions...:$PATH' >> ~/.zshenv
      • Sh/Ksh shell echo 'export PATH=...thepathinstructions...:$PATH' >> ~/.profile
      • Tcsh/csh shell echo 'set path = ($path ...thepathinstructions...)' >> ~/.cshrc
    • MAC:
      • Same as for UNIX. MacOS Catalina (10.15) defaults to Zsh, earlier versions defaulted to Bash

First Run !

You can also follow our two steps tutorial:

Moreover, a page is used to centralized Sample documents.

Easy update

For an update, just replay the install program: it also take care of updating the distribution incrementally:

  • WINDOWS: install.bat
  • UNIX: sh

Running MkIV

The new distribution still has all the files to run the previous version of ConTeXt.

  • Run context --luatex Hello-world.tex in your shell to revert back to the luatex binary and MkIV.

Further installation instructions