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TODO: This page should be expanded, with a basic how-to description, or at least a bit of narrative structure rather than being a collection of notes. (See: To-Do List)

ConTeXt can be downloaded here.

General Hints

Probably the first place to look is the Pragma installation manual (PDF file) and there is also some installation info on Bill’s page

Most issues depend more on your TeX Distribution than on your operating system.

Some additional hints and tips for Linux and Mac.

Installation of the latest ConTeXt using a clean teTeX 3.0 installation.

There was a change in TDS (TeX Directory Structure) in 2004, ConTeXt now uses the new structure, so look at the Update Hints!

Configuration files

Please check if you must adapt these files:

"Why must I copy those files from .rme?" – Because otherwise your setup would be overwritten at each update!