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The scrartcl class from the KOMA package does some fairly sophisticated calculations to determine an optimal page layout, with the text width set in terms of average characters-per-line, and the text height and location set to provide pleasing proportions based on that and the paper proportions. A sample document (with a framebox to show the text area) is simply:



The following code duplicates the scrartcl calculations to set the text area and produces a similar sample document, again with a framed box to show the text area. Note that, because this depends on \lineheight and sets the text area width based on a measurement of a typeset alphabet, it should be applied after any font setup.

% Set binding correction value (mode=BCOR turns it on). \doifmodeelse{BCOR}{\def\bindingcorr{3mm}}{\def\bindingcorr{0pt}}

% Set visible page width. \newdimen\PageWidth \PageWidth=\dimexpr(\paperwidth-\bindingcorr)

% Determine the paper aspect ratio. \edef\Ratio{\withoutpt{\the\dimexpr(2\paperheight/(\PageWidth/32768))}}

% Set the textarea width to 2.6 alphabets. \setbox\scratchbox\hbox{\dorecurse{26}{\character\recurselevel}} \newdimen\Width \Width=\dimexpr(2.6\wd\scratchbox)

% Set the textarea height proportional to the width. \newdimen\Height \Height=\dimexpr(\Ratio\Width)

% Set the margin/gutter widths to be equal on a full spread. \newdimen\Back \doifmodeelse{oneside}

   {\Back=\dimexpr(((\PageWidth - \Width) / 2) + \bindingcorr)}
   {\Back=\dimexpr(((\PageWidth - \Width) / 3) + \bindingcorr)}

% Set the top and bottom margins in a 1:2 ratio, ignoring headers. \edef\Top{\the\dimexpr((\paperheight - \Height) / 3 - 3\lineheight)}

% Redefine \Height to include header and footer space. \Height=\dimexpr(\Height + 8\lineheight)

% Set up the page layout using the calculated parameters. \setuplayout[


\starttext \framed[width=\textwidth,height=\textheight]{} \stoptext

This can be processed with a -mode=BCOR option on texexec to activate the binding correction, or with a -mode=oneside option to activate the single-sided page layout rather than the (default) double-sided version.