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Here's a list of ConTeXt's language codes, taken from the sources (et al.).

It's probably not complete and contains obsolete entries. I couldn't find a complete list. --Hraban

You use these codes in \mainlanguage or \language

code language group
af afrikaans germanic
agr greek (ancient) uralic
ar arabic arabic
ar-sy arabic (Syria) arabic
ar-iq arabic (Iraq) arabic
ar-jo arabic (Jordan) arabic
ar-lb arabic (Lebanon) arabic
ar-dz arabic (Algeria) arabic
ar-ma arabic (Morocco) arabic
ba bashkir turkic
bg bulgarian slavic
ca catalan romance
cn chinese (simplified) CJK
cs czech slavic
cy welsh celtic
da danish germanic
de, de-de german germanic
deo german (pre-reform orthography) germanic
de-at german (Austria) germanic
de-ch german (Switzerland) germanic
en, en-us english (USA, default) germanic
en-gb english (UK) germanic
es spanish (Castilian) romance
et estonian uralic
eu basque language isolate
fi finnish uralic
fr french romance
gb english (UK, same as uk?) germanic
gr greek (modern) uralic
hr croatian slavic
hu hungarian uralic
il ukrainian slavic
is icelandic germanic
it italian romance
ja japanese CJK
la latin romance
nb norwegian (bokmål) germanic
nl dutch germanic
nn norwegian (nynorsk) germanic
no norwegian (macrolanguage) germanic
pl polish slavic
pt portuguese romance
ro romanian romance
ru russian slavic
sk slovak slavic
sl slovenian slavic
sv swedish germanic
tr turkish turkic
ua ukrainian slavic
uk english (UK, same as gb?) germanic
us english (USA, same as en?) germanic
vn vietnamese romance

Reference: ISO 639-1